19th March – Down down, deeper down.

After our unlucky happenstance of a rock taking off our trip meters in the middle of the regularity stage the other day, we thought our bad luck had come to an end.

We were wrong….. 30 seconds into todays regularity test our power cord wriggled out of our distributor, turning off our engine. For a test based on average speed, stopping to fix the problem is not an ideal situation. Well, this happened 3 times in 5 minutes and the last time it happened we even had to dig out a pair of pliers to fix the problem permanently. And we still managed to catch up on time with an ‘enthusiastic driving style.’ An overall penalty of 7 seconds. The best for the day. High fives were had in Car 11.

Less than 1000 k’s to go now.

Lots of people are slowing down just a little bit to make sure they nurse their car across the finish line. Bits and pieces are just starting to rattle and shake loose. My goPro mount has seen better days since being pried from the packet.

Today was a short day so we did what everyone MUST do when visiting the thriving metropolis of El Calafate, and go see the glacier. It was sooooooo cool. Literally it was more than cool, it was ice cold. get it? get it? ok that was terrible, I know. Really spectacular.

read fun facts here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perito_Moreno_Glacier

Interwebz is less than desirable so you will have to wait another day for a giant photo dump. I don’t have the patience to sit and wait for eons to upload them.


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  1. Glad your tenacity and accomplished mechanical skills got Penny still in the running competitively for the time trial. I look forward to seeing th glacier pics… and all the others you ahve been promising. hehehehe.. only joking James, i know the interwebz has been slow because Viber drops out.
    Not many k’s now….. and your amazing adventure will soon be but a distant memory. … and an amazing and wonderful one at that hey!!! LOve mum. xxxxx

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