Bangkok to London! Finally on the road.

Julie and I arrived in Bangkok on the 24th of August planing to collect Penny on the 26th and leaving for China on the 28th as arranged with the freight handler. We arrived at the port with the freight company responsible for doing all the clearance of Penny to find out the one vital form had not been completed or lodged.

This lead too 24hours of stress while we tried to get this sorted faster than the 10 days everyone was saying this form takes to get processed. We eventually got the correct paperwork lodged with the help of Trans Asia Travel who did an excellent job but the processing was still going to take 10 working days.

Luckily we were able to change the dates on our China and Tibet permits without too much additional cost and further delays.

We received notice Friday morning after 2 weeks rest in Bangkok that we could collect Penny 3 days early from the port at 1300.

So it was off to the port with lots of excitement and anticipation. This turned into a 5 hour ordeal due to paper work not being completed from a trip out of Myanmar in 2015. Thankfully a few critical staff stayed back late on Friday to get this sorted for us.

Saturday morning we received Penny at our hotel on a truck due to not being allowed to drive till Monday.

Saturday and Sunday has been spent getting all the final things sorted and packed ready for our departure around 0800 Monday.

More updates as we progress on our trip.

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