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Hi, I’m James


And this is my Dad, Max.


Now for the most important introduction; Everyone, this is Penny.

Penny is a 1923, 23/60 Vuaxhall. A beast of a car with an enormous 4.3 Liter 4-cylinder engine pulling her all around the world. Me and dad are doing what almost everyone has told us is crazy, we are driving her from London, England all the way down to Cape Town, South Africa….. In a race!!

What??!!! WHY??!!! You might say? Welllllll, the best reason we can come up with, is because we can!

Penny has been amogsnt us for about 4 years now, and Dad has allready successfully completed a previous international vintage car rally from Peking to Paris in 2010 coming in second place in class. In preperation for her first long distance rally, she was completlely stripped down, restored and strengthened for the sole purpose of a vintage rally car. Hence bucket seats for long distance comfort and roll bar for protection. After coming home from Peking to Paris, the seed was sown for another crazy adventure in Penny, this time with me, so why not London to Cape Town, sounds perfect to me!