Julie Stephenson 40

I am an explorer of experience. I am an adventurer into the unknown of possibilities. I embrace my precious life with courage, inquisitiveness, humility, reverence and love.

I explore the mystery of the Unseen and see the world through intent observation and adore using words, images and artworks as a narrative of my experience. As an artist I have exhibited extensively throughout Australia and had work displayed in Los Angeles; with my artwork and images being held in collections throughout the world.

I have a deep connection with the Natural world have been recognised by respected Shaman around the world as one of their peers. I am a gifted Healer and Seer.

I love travelling, and find that journeying the world in Penny is an incredible opportunity to experience the world and myself in a such a unique and fun way.

It is through my experience and my developing awareness, that I learn more about myself; what my gifts are and what I find challenging. My aim through this connection with my-Self is to live where I am expressing myself fully in alignment with the essence of who I am. In this exploration, I am experiencing a deeper connection with the unseen of that which I have no way to describe other than – Divine Consciousness.

Have a play around my website by clicking here and look through my journeys as a photographer; artworks as an artist; and poetry and journal as a writer; and see that each page offers something different……. sometimes unexpected… there are surprises!

Come with me on my journey into the unknown by subscribing to my own journal of my experience on my journeys with Max in Penny – our 1923 Vauxhall.