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Angel Falls Venezuela???

You might ask what are they doing in the most undesirable destination in South America with its crime rate and rampant inflation running at over 700% this year?

The answer is the tallest single drop waterfall in the world. If you Google it there is debate over the fact at this time but Angel falls has been the list top for all of my life and on my Bucket List.

It’s the sort of place I was never going to make a special trip to but as we were in the neighbourhood, so to speak. James and I decided to include it on route to Paramaribo, Suriname for the start of the Great Amazon Adventure.

James and I have be fortunate to visit Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls and Iguazu Falls together on previous trips so this is another dad-son bonding experience for us.

Disembarking the plane in Venezuela was a reminder that we are visiting the tropics and the heat and humidity was a bit of a shock.

The airport hall was filled with people trying to change money and wanting to drive you somewhere all just trying to make a living in a very tough economy. We had all our transfers arrange for the enter time here just to make it simple we hoped.

Things didn’t start that well we stood under the big screen as per the email waiting for Vicente our driver for 20 odd minutes wondering where he was. I pulled a print out of the voucher out to look for a contact detail and the local standing 3 feet from us says I’m Vicente from Flight and Trip the name on the letterhead. After he called his boss and we spoke on the phone it was confirmed that he was our man. To this day I still can’t work out why he was waiting in the airport for Max and James Stephenson holding a sign with the name Marion Stubbs on it and the logo from some random company.

All in all we got taken to a comfortable hotel with air-con to wait for our next flight.

Vicente arranged some local money for us, which he returned just before dinner. We changed $100 dollars never expecting a shopping bag full of it back. The street exchange is 800 to 1 and with the rampant inflation the largest note is a 50. 80,000 in 50’s is a big stack of money.julie-stephenson-with-the-roof-off-cover-revised


You can use international credit cards here as the office rate is 6.9 to 1 but things are priced on the street rate. Paying with a credit card would have mean we had a $5000 dinner.


The Next Adventure with Penny is Thunderbirds Go.

My last post was from Iceland where Julie and I had visited the Puffins at the end of the P to P 2016 in July. Penny is about to leave on another adventure!!! In the Amazon in South America!

Preparation for Penny’s next adventure.
After our return to England, Julie flew home, and I stayed in the UK for another week preparing Penny for the up coming Amazon Adventure with Bespoke Rallies.

Penny and I spent a week at Jack Amies workshop just outside of Oxford where he helped fix the little things that required fixing after the trip across Asia and Europe.

Penny was in very good company in Jack’s workshop as she was parked with the ex Sir Malcolm Campbell M45 Lagonda and a V12 Grand Prix Lagonda plus a very nice XK120. Penny was the well-travelled old lady of the workshop for that week.

The week was spent replacing the worn driveshaft, repairing the broken windscreen pillar, replacing the broken windscreen, re-greasing all the wheel bearings, greasing the brake rods and cables, welding the small crack in the front stub axle, a general service and tune plus other small bits and pieces.

I got all that finished in time to deliver the car to the shipper then it was off to Gatwick and back home to work along with preparing for this trip.

The Great Amazon Adventure.
James is accompanying Penny and I on this trip, as Julie is unable to have a Yellow Fever vaccination so can’t travel the Amazon.

We are starting in Suriname on the 8th of October follow the Atlantic coast to the mouth of the Amazon where we board a small boat up the river with just 14 cars for 2 day before disembarking to travel through the Amazon region to Machu Picchu in Peru then on to the finish in Lima

Julie’s new book “With the Roof Off”

I would like to do a ‘shout-out’ for Julie’s new book on our trip in Penny through India, Bhutan and Myanmar. Julie has written and illustrated this great drive in the wonderful way she sees; and Julie has noticed and talked about some things I totally missed because I was focusing on driving those challenging roads!

It is a beautiful hard copy of 107 pages, dust jacket, 560 photographs and Julie has made it a Collectors Edition of only 50 numbered and signed copies…. great for a Christmas gift… and you can purchase them by popping to her Online Shop here…..