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See, it has full climate control!! The climate INSIDE the car, is exactly the climate OUTSIDE the car.

However, at the beginning of the year we rebuilt her engine for more power (of course) but came across a little problem about 500km’s into the new wizz-bang rebuilt one….. blew a head gasket and cracked the block. Just in case you have zero mechanical-know-how, there is NOT suppose to be water in those holes!



In the quest for more power, we put high compression pistons in (ratio WAS 5.0:1, now is around 7.5:1), reduced the flywheel weight in half, a counter-balanced crankshaft and lightweight alluminium conrods to get more revs (of course!)

Everything about her is still laregly original, still leaf springs and hartford shockies, same diff, same gearbox, same engine block (only re-machined and specced for more power). We put the bucket seats in for the extreme long distances we will drive, roll bar for safety and we completly rebuilt the dashboard to suite rally equipment such as trip meters and GPS’s.


Day 30

We have internet and time again.
This afternoon Carl was so happy as I’d promised him snow at some time on the trip and today the weather delivered. It statred out a very cold clear day after yesterdays rain. We drove for the day through the most amazing scenery and ended at this mountian resort that had 50mm of snow last night. So we stop on the way for a quick play.
200 metres from the resort we broke the eye off one of the Mongolian springs we had fitted back in Khovd so luckly we had the good ones we picked up in Almaty.


Carl is out side in the cold and cloud fitting the new main leaves while I do a bit on the Blog.