15/16th March – The cardinal sin was broken

Well, I don’t actually know what the cardinal sin is. But my cardinal sin is ‘one must not eat seafood unless you can see the ocean, or at least drive to the ocean without having a piss stop.’ And guess who broke that rule. Father dear did. You would think he would learn from past mistakes. No. He doesn’t. Hahahaha. We are in a stunning lakeside town called Bariloche at least 12 hours drive from any form of an ocean and Dad ordered seafood pasta for lunch (today was a transit day with no timing), and needless to say I do not need to describe how his afternoon was…….. sigh… :

Another border day today as we crossed back into Argentina for my 3rd time and probably one of the most stunning drives of my life. We were traveling through an region called the lakes region or something. But it is quite simply, large mountains with windy roads and every 5-10k’s is another lake at the bottom of the mountains. Similar to Swiss lakes but much much better apparently and the water is such a brilliant azure blue. I can understand why fisherman love this area of Patagonia. Without the fish it would still be the best place ever.

Piccies are still on the thin and wispy today for one main reason. IT WAS TOO COLD TO DO ANYTHING. I couldn’t whip out my phone to take picture because I need to take my gloves off to use the touch screen and there was no chance that was happening.

Still smashing first place.



  1. Brian McMillan

    In that part of the world it’s now Papal Sin

  2. Dave Boddy

    Hey James – your Dad is so lucky to have a son like you (:-)
    Keep up the good work and keep enjoying.
    Wish I was there.

    1. James Stephenson

      thanks dave! you would have loved it here. your datsun may have been a bit fast but you would have loved it.

  3. Margaret Williams

    Best wishes for the remaining legs of the trip Max and James but wait until you can see the sea again for seafood Max!
    Great writing James! Have thoroughly enjoyed the posts I have managed to read so far. What an amazing journey you have been on. Can you fit caterpillar tracks on Penny to do Antarctica?
    I know what you mean about the landscape changing so quickly. In the area you are travelling in you will get quirky rainshadow areas but you might also be getting tree line effects, even down to inverted tree lines in frost hollows. And off course as you get further south the altitude of the tree line gets lower and lower until you run out of trees at sealevel!

    1. James Stephenson

      That would be an awesome idea. Yeah, down in El Calafate now and the tree’s are very few and far between.

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