Day 27 Update

What a great drive today we started of at the edge of the Caspian Sea in pouring rain and headed of the range towards Tabriz. The road to the top was the longest uphill road I’ve driven, in 35 kilometres we climbed 7500 feet so it was a second gear haul most of the way. the Uphill side from the caspian was temprate rain forest and as soon as we crested the range the Sun was out and it changed to dry desert mountians. 

Later in the Day we crossed another range and the down hill side was mostly a road that desended as step as 1 in 7 but mostly 1 in 10. So we needed to stop twice to let our brakes cool even using 1st gear all the way down.

The welcome from the people of Iran has been the most enthusastic that we have had for the whole trip. Most of the towns people are out on the street waving and taking photos. and as soon as you stop, the cars are just swamped with people.

This is just a quick update as the days are long and we end up very tired and just fall in to bed to start it all over again the next day.


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