To infinity… AND BEYOND!

Also, thank you all so much for following me thus far on this adventure. Everyone knows that the London to Cape Town world cup rally finishes tomorrow. But that is only the beginning for me and dad. Because we are planning on driving back north! Why? you might ask? Well, because we; A) are in africa, B) have a car in africa, and C) want to see more of africa.

So, we have a very vague plan of having a few days off in Capetown, seeing some good friends outside of Jo-burg, then going back north, maybe Botswana, then up to Gurun-gurun crater and the Serengeti and hopefully some gorillas and most likely finishing in Mombasa, Kenya to ship our car back home.

And this all means that i will continue to update this blog on our continued adventures as often as possible about what we are doing, and if i get arrested in the future (touch wood) and much of the same as what i have done so far. I hope you will all have the continued support and interest to continue checking and reading throughout Febuary and most likely the beginning of March. So to my friends back home in brissy, i still don’t have a solid return date yet but i will keep you informed 😀




  1. Gary Lock

    Thanks James for all your comments. Your read has been the best of any other competitors on this or any other event. Congratulations to you and Max, and hope to see the “after event” comments as well.
    Gary Lock
    MGA, Gold Coast.

  2. Faris Mouasher

    Hi Max and James
    Its been a pleasure to follow your journey on the Blog. you guys have been doing absolutely awesome.
    i have really enjoying the updates of your travel experiences and has inspired me to write on our blog more as we head out on our adventure on the 6th February. You can follow us on when you get back perhaps. anyway enjoy the remainder of your trip and wish you a safe and fulfilling trip.

  3. Ruth P

    How come those plans are no surprise Max and James! I am so glad things have gone so well for you. Of course I will continue to follow you. Two more sleeps before I start my own adventure.

    Love Ruth

  4. Jak

    I will just add my small contribution to the WELL DONE comments.
    Heeping the “VINTAGE” tradition alive relies on THE FEW such as yourselves.

  5. Linda Farlow

    Hi James

    Congratulations on your epic trip. ( and I was concerned that you wouldn’t make it to Dayboro and back to Bribie!! ) lol

  6. David and Liz

    We love you guys and are so proud of you. Amazing and done with such humour in your news. Perhaps this is your calling James and you should just keep writing. Max you are a hero insisting that you take Penny alongside the Hilux and modern cars…a great achievement and well done to you both. An awesome team.

    XXXXX Liz, David, Ellie and Grace. XXXXX

    1. I think adventuring and writing as an extra may be James’ calling… can’t see him writing unless he is pushing the limit somehow!
      Julie – James’ Mum. 🙂

  7. Paul Robinson

    Absolutely superb effort. Many thanks for the best blog stories – addictive.

    Congratulations on reaching the waterfront – enjoy ….. and enjoy …… and enjoy.

    Paul Robinson – UK

  8. Tom

    Congratulations on making your long trip! There is a big car show in George, about 400km from Cape Town , starting on 11 Feb and ending om 12 Feb.(Expecting over 900 cars) A run is also planned for older cars starting from Albertinia on 10 Feb and stopping in George on 11 Feb. I am running my 1914 Ford “T”.
    Would be great if you could fit this into your planning. Regards Tom

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