Its Summer Now!

After it being cold and wet for the first week across Russia the weather has changed and turned very tropical for the last 2 days.

The run into the rest day at Kazan started with it cold and wet with some great tests on rural roads with ample red mud for everyone to have fun and make all the cars dirty. By the time we had arrived in town the sun was out and the temp in the mid 20’s, with the next 2 days clear sky’s and high 20’s for the temp.

The car park as usual was a hive of activity with all sort of repairs, mostly suspension getting sorted after the rough section of tarmac and dirt the previous afternoon. The jobs on Penny thankfully were only general grease and check and change a fuse to get the lights working.

After lunch Julie and I walked down town to visit the Kremlin in the centre of town. We walked the long way round along the boardwalk on the river front. This area is undergoing a lot of development work to make it a great recreational area for the city.

The Church’s and museum in the Kremlin were very enjoyable even though all the signage was in Russian. It was very funny to watch in one small museum this guide lady followed Julie around the displays telling her all about everything in Russian with Julie just nodding and giving agreement sounds. I think she thought that Julie understood her.

Yesterdays was a easy run through the country too a reception with the locals at Victory Park in Nizhny Novgorod. This park is full of machines of war celebrating some victory in some war???

Yesterday morning we had 98 cars start the day. This would be the most cars to start a day since leaving China. The Rolls Royce Phantom that caught fire in the middle of Mongolia is back after a mammoth rebuild job in UB before starting the long catch-up drive across Russia to re-join us.

Breakfast time is with us now so I’ll post this and get ready for another day on the road.

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  1. Penny Lees

    Hello Max and Julie

    Penny here – just checking that my name sake is still going strong ? I can see from the lovely photos that you most certainly are indeed still going string and are soaking up great connection with the locals.

    Penny is willing Penny on xxxx

    Take care and may your good fortune continue (as I know it will) ?

    PS: I hope my attempts at snapping your start at the wall gave you at least one shot worth keeping ?

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