They call this Summer!!

We are at the halfway point time wise this evening so in 18 day we will be in Paris all going well and “Touch Wood”.

The last 3 days the weather has been fairly inclement and very cold for summer if travelling on an open car. The storms I spoke about a couple Blogs ago have not let up and just keep rolling across the steeps, and we are driven through some big ones in the last few days. Penny at least has a roof that we use to reduce the moisture we soak up. I do however feel slightly sorry for the people without a roof, however it was their choice to travel without a roof. Today we were been told that it only got to 10 C so we have been very well dressed all day. The weather for tomorrow is 19 C so it sounding better all ready.

A couple of days ago as we past through the town of Irbit, Julie and I visited a Motorbike Museum as it was the home of Russian Irbit Motorcycle production.

The weather today was kinder with a bit of drizzle from time to time but still very cold for a Queenslander used to Sunshine, as it was warmer at home today and it mid winter there.

Just after lunch today we had the most surreal experience. We got diverted into a town and onto the local sports field and treated like Royalty. As we entered the sports field with the road lined both side with locals we were directed to follow the running track around the outside and drive up on to this specially constructed podium above the crowd. We were then introduced to the 1000 odd people at the field in both Russian and English.

We left the town feeling quite overwhelmed by the whole experience for the drive into Perm for the overnight rest to be welcomed at the hotel by a similar number of locals and more cheering and music.

Yesterday also saw us cross the line that marks where Europe and Asia meet.

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